Mojan Hostel is located at the crossroads of the old pedestrian paths that used to connect the Kučke mountains with Prokletije, Komovi and Bjelasica. These paths have led to the tops of the mountains themselves, many of which reach more than 2,000 m height and where the mountain Komovi stands out with its three peaks of more than 2,400 m. Some of these paths are still marked today and adjusted for hiking, some need to be marked and fixed up. This area is almost undiscovered in the mountaineering sense, thus the exploration of these mountains is a real adventure and the ideal point for the beginning of this adventure is our hostel. A multiple of biodiversity, high mountains, extraordinary scenery, numerous streams and rivers are a major feature of this region. That is why this entire zone is declared for the Regional Nature Park Komovi and the territory of Komovi is one of the Emerald sites defined in the area of 6,125 ha and is designated as an area significant for birds and other types of habitat of the mountain Alpine bio-geographical  region.