About the Project

Outdoor Center Mojan has been created through the project Revitalization of local communities through development of youth and tourism. The project has been part of cross-border cooperation of Kosovo and Montenegro and has been funded by EU. The lead applicant has been Andrijevica municipality, partner in Montenegro is Students Sports Association of Montenegro, while the partners in Kosovo are municipality Junik and MDAF.

The overall objective of this project was to contribute to socio-economic development of cross-border area through joint initiatives focused on tourism and youth. Specific objective of the project has been to strengthen sustainable development and tourism promotion in Andrijevica and Junik through upgrade of infrastructure and empowerment of youth.

Total value of this project was 556000 euros, of which 269000 was allocated for project activities in Andrijevica (229000 was EU fundings and 40000 contribution of Andrijevica municipality), and the remaining funds have been allocated for Kosovo.

Funding from this project has been used for rehabilitation of the former military base, procurement of inventory and furniture and sports equipment, development of various promotional materials, and also for organization of youth camps with the aim to raise awareness on healthy lifestyles and increase knowledge on entrepreneurship.